Egypt Realestate

The law of buying real estate in Egypt

The Egyptian state currently provides several investment methods for foreigners in order to benefit from residency by purchasing real estate or obtaining citizenship in exchange for investment. Residency in Egypt is granted to foreigners as follows:
A 3-year renewable residence permit for owning one or more properties with a value of $200,000 or more.
A 5-year renewable residence permit for owning one or more properties with a value of $400,000 or more.
Egyptian citizenship in exchange for investment
As for granting Egyptian nationality to foreigners in exchange for real estate investment, it can be obtained through:
Buying a state-owned property for an amount of at least $500,000
There are some conditions and steps set by the Egyptian government to obtain residency in return for purchasing an unfinished real estate unit, which are:
Pay the unit value in full, or pay a down payment of $100,000, or the equivalent of 40% of the unit price.
The existence of a preliminary contract between the foreign buyer and the owner, sealed by the Tourism Development Authority in the governorates.
Submitting a statement stating that the unit being purchased is under construction, indicating the date of receipt.
The date of receipt of the unit should not exceed 4 years.
Submitting a bank document indicating the transfer of the amount required to purchase the housing unit shown in the initial contract, in US dollars, with a corresponding statement in Egyptian pounds.
The Passports Department determines the length of stay based on the transfer amount.
The best areas for real estate investment in Egypt for foreigners
In Egypt, there are currently many distinct new places and cities that are suitable for real estate investment for foreigners

Emirates Realestate

Real estate purchase law in the UAE

Real estate investor
You may obtain a residence permit for a period of 3 years, subject to renewal, when you purchase a property or a group of properties of no less than 750,000 dirhams.
If you own real estate or a group of real estate, you may obtain a golden residence visa for a period of 5 years, renewable, with a value of not less than 2 million dirhams.
Investors in the real estate sector in the UAE enjoy several advantages for themselves and their families, the most important of which are: the ability to open a bank account in UAE banks and benefit from banking financial facilities, loans, financing opportunities and other financial transactions. The possibility of obtaining an Emirati car driving license, which qualifies its holder to drive and exchange immediately in many countries around the world. Obtaining health insurance covering all family members, with the possibility of treatment in government and private hospitals. Facilitate access to travel opportunities to many countries
A person who obtains a golden residency in the United Arab Emirates can enjoy several advantages, including:
People with golden residency live in an environment that supports innovation and creativity.
Obtaining a long-term residence visa ranging from five to ten years.
The golden residency holder can improve his lifestyle and standard of living for groups that have a low standard of living.
Employment opportunity is provided to businessmen and talents in various fields.
Advantages of golden residency in the UAE
The golden residency provides several advantages for its recipients, including:
The golden residency in the Emirates provides permanent residency in the country for businessmen who establish commercial projects.
The golden residency is automatically renewed, and the holder of the golden residency does not need a sponsor who holds the Emirati nationality.
Persons who obtain the golden card are entitled to own real estate and land in the United Arab Emirates
The golden residency provides the possibility to stay in the United Arab Emirates for a period ranging from five to ten years, depending on the categories, while the regular residency is granted for only two years.
– Non-citizen businessmen with golden residency can establish commercial operations whether they are in the UAE or abroad.
The golden residency is automatically renewed when the same conditions are met.
The golden residence holder does not need an Emirati sponsor.
– Residents of the UAE, who hold a golden residency, can own 100% in the country.

Turkey Realestate

Real estate purchase law in Türkiye

Ownership permit enables the owner of the property to reside on Turkish lands by buying an apartment in Turkey.
He has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship through this residence permit after five years of residence in Turkey.
The owner has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property with a value starting from $400,000